T. 德维恩麦科伊,Ph值.D., 太阳集团娱乐所有网站's Fifth 总统

麦凯总统2020肖像T. 德维恩麦科伊,Ph值.D. is a rocket propulsion scientist, a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, 和 Florida Institute of Technology's fifth president 和 首席执行官. Dr. 麦科伊是 于2016年建成.


我代表学生们, staff 和 faculty of 太阳集团娱乐所有网站, 欢迎您访问澳门太阳集团城的网站, 澳门太阳集团城的校园和社区. This is a university defined by dedication, 努力工作, 科学严谨, innovation 和 the relentless pursuit of greatness.

To succeed during a pandemic, however, we must first focus on the safety of those we serve. Nothing is more important than the well-being of our students. This is why I want to draw your attention to our COVID-19 website 和 my weekly pandemic updates,  which have served to keep the 太阳集团娱乐所有网站 community informed, vigilant, safe 和 sustainable. 读 《澳门太阳集团城》杂志的这篇文章 to learn more about how the university's enrollment grew in 2020.

A bright future lies just beyond the horizon. I know we will get there, together, with enduring success.

太阳集团娱乐所有网站's Role in Sustainable Development

在这段视频中. 麦科伊 discusses 太阳集团娱乐所有网站's role as a member of the Central Florida Higher Education Partnership for Sustainable Development, 作为长期的, significant contributor to the industry, innovation 和 infrastructure of the Space Coast, 美国.S. 和世界.

Dr. 麦科伊 speaking with colleagues 和 visitors in L3Harris Student Design Center

"We are well positioned as a national research university to prepare our future alumni as capable 和 motivated citizens of the world, solving global problems 和 improving the quality of life for all."

T. 德维恩麦科伊,Ph值.D.
总统 & 首席执行官

Major Milestones In The Pursuit Of Greatness: 2016 To Today

在他2016年就职典礼上, Dr. 麦凯对《太阳集团娱乐所有网站》说 reporter that his focus would not be growth, necessarily. “我计划深化,”他说. "We're a very good university about to emerge as a great university.为了达到这个目的. 麦科伊 has led multiple initiatives that have deepened, strengthened 和 enriched the university. 在博士. 麦科伊's leadership, 太阳集团娱乐所有网站 has achieved the following milestones:

Recognizing that a university's distinctive br和 is of paramount importance to its continued success, Dr. 麦科伊 initiated a self-study 和 messaging audit, resulting in a revitalized br和 look 和 feel, as well as the university's first articulated br和 platform: The Relentless Pursuit of Greatness.

Olin Engineering 和 Olin Physical Science BuildingsBy merging the individual colleges of science 和 engineering into the College of Engineering 和 Science, Dr. 麦科伊 ushered in a new era of interdepartmental collaboration, interdisciplinary teaching 和 research, 和 团队精神 among STEM students 和 faculty. 作为一个结果, 佛罗里达的茎大学TM 从未如此强大.




Screen capture of an article about 太阳集团娱乐所有网站's quest for tenure, as featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education覆盖在这 Chronicle of Higher Education article, Dr. 麦科伊's bold push for tenure was realized with a Board of Trustees vote of approval in 2018. 太阳集团娱乐所有网站's tenure system now provides a more equitable path to promotion for its professors, aiding university efforts to attract 和 retain top faculty.







Slated to open in December 2021, the Health Sciences Research Center will provide advanced classroom 和 laboratory space for faculty 和 students in biomedical fields, positioning the university to meet increased societal dem和 for trained scientists 和 actionable research in the field.

总统 麦科伊 和 Rob Phebus next to a sign featuring a rendering of the new building

Fiscal responsibility 和 effective stewardship of donated funds are of paramount importance to Dr. 麦科伊.  With a focus on financial sustainability, he has prioritized the consistent 和 healthy growth, or 深化, of the university's endowment 和 has worked closely with the university's development team to achieve it.

Taking decisive action from the start, Dr. 麦科伊 initiated a pandemic response team, championed the implementation of the resulting 太阳集团娱乐所有网站 Safe: Return to Learn 计划, 和, 或许最重要的是, kept the 太阳集团娱乐所有网站 community informed, focused 和 united via weekly video addresses.

总统的报告2020 - 2021

总统的报告2020 - 2021

"I’ve always believed that you should judge a university by its product, 和 our alumni remain our biggest success. Coupled with the amazing research of our faculty, you have a dynamic university community that is poised for whatever the future brings."

T. 德维恩麦科伊,Ph值.D.

读 the 总统的报告2020 - 2021 (PDF)